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Early on, I realized I saw things in a way that others did not.
Exploring my spiritual gifts as a teen in the late 1970's I became aware that I had been granted heightened senses and intuitive abilities, such as remote viewing.
I found my specialties in the spiritual and metaphysical world by determining what most resonated with me and focused on developing those areas, while educating myself in all aspects of the occult. My style of practice can best be identified as a Chaos Magician. I have a page dedicated to the definition of Chaos Magick should you be interested in learning more.
I am a Medium and have spent 40 years reading Tarot. These two go hand in hand, to deliver an insightful and useful reading.
Herbal work became a passion 20 years ago and I have developed many effective recipes in that time. These are not ingested but spiritually activated herbs to be used for their specific, inherent metaphysical qualities. I use these in Home and Personal protection amulets and pendants and most especially in my highly effective Smudge sticks.
In 2008 I expanded my interests and created Minneapolis Paranormal Research Society,  now with over 1700 members. When I relocated to Houston in 2013 I started Houston Paranormal Research Society. Currently with nearly 1000 members, we have found community in those with similar interests and experiences. And again in 2015 with The San Diego Paranormal Experience Group. Continuing my quest to give those with remarkable spiritual experiences or interests, a community in which to share, learn and grow in a accepting environment.
In honor of that goal, in 2014 Teen Meet Up was created for 8 to 18 year olds with psychic gifts and abilities. 

I was voted top 10 Paranormal Researcher in the US for 2016/2017 and top 10 Paranormal Personality for 2016/2017 in the New York international Light Workers contest. An acknowledgement I'm extremely proud of after having completed over 100 professional investigations.
A 30 year "traditional" career in retail management ended after I suffered a traumatic spinal injury in 2010. My corporate life over, I turned to what I have known the longest. The Esoteric sciences. And now practice full time in the field. I appreciate your trust and look forward to assisting you.
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