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Chaos Magick

Although there are a few techniques unique to Chaos Magick (such as some forms of Sigil Magic), Chaos Magick is often highly individualistic and borrows liberally from other belief systems, due to Chaos Magick having a central belief that Belief is a Tool.

Some common sources of inspiration include Scientific Theories, Traditional Ceremonial Magic, Neoshamanism, Eastern Philosophy, World Religions and individual experimentation.

Chaos Magickians are often seen by other occultists as worrisome revolutionaries.


This Magical discipline was first formulated in West Yorkshire, England in the 1970's an organization was founded and this new, experimental perspective on Magick was created.

Although organizations exsist, Chaos Magick in general is among the least organized branches of Magick and best described as a loose movement, with individual practitioners extending the existing materials by incorporating concepts such as Chaos Theory, Cognitive Science, Quantum Psychics and Hypnosis.

Belief as a Tool:

Chaos Magick theory says that Belief can be and active magical force. It emphasizes the flexibility of belief and the ability to consciously choose ones beliefs, applying that belief as a tool, rather than seeing it as an unchanging part of ones personality

Magickal Paradigm Shifting:

Perhaps the most striking feature of Chaos Magick is the concept of the magickal paradigm shift. The technique of changing ones world view (paradigm) of magic. An example of this would be a practitioner doing a lovecraft rite followed by a wiccan ritual to achieve the desired outcome. While these two disciplines are contradictory to each other, the Chaos Magician creates a paradigm shift that causes the two opposing belief systems to work in harmony.
Magical paradigm shifts have since worked their way into the work of many magical traditionalists, Chaos Magick remains the field where it is most developed.

Emphasis on Creative Ritualism:

Modification and innovation of ritual are core to the idea that belief system and gnosis inducing techniques are interchangeable, leading to a particularly wide variety of magickal practices, resulting in an extraordinarily high level of results.

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