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INTRO TO PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT is Scheduled in Houston February 18th!

Intro to Psychic Development $45
(this class is recommended as a precursor to Introduction to Mediumship)
This is a one day class that is held on a Sunday from 1:30 to 5:00. We cover grounding and protections and do a comprehensive review of the different types of Clairvoyance. Most of the different types of divination are discussed and there are interactive class exercises. You will be asked to bring a blank journal and given tips and tools to document and learn about your unique abilities. This class will begin a journey of exploration into your intuitive skills that will last a lifetime.


Smudge Stick ~ Crystals Workshop $45
In this workshop you will have a hands on experience, creating your own personalized recipe smudge stick that will go home to with you! All supplies are included in the workshop price. You will learn how to "activate" the herbs in your smudge stick for the metaphysical purposes they were intended for. You will learn the basics of a home clearing including the physical and spiritual process. This class also covers the basics of crystal use in everyday life. How to clear and charge your crystals and encorporate them into your home and office. Empower yourself and take charge of your environment!
Introduction to Mediumship Course $55
This beginning mediumship course is for those clients who are interested in developing their abilities to the level where they can confidently read for friends, family and clients.
We cover the basics like Grounding and Protections then the many types of psychic abilities, do in class exercises, interact with fellow students and end with review of your ability specialties and how to use them going forward
I do a Reiki energy opening of the crown chakra, third eye and throat to help facilitate the flow of information you receive and give.

Introduction to Rider Waite Tarot $45
This class is great for those just starting our with their Rider Waite deck, or for the practitioner who has picked them up but not gotten to know their deck yet. I have read this deck for 42 years and will share my tips and tricks to getting the most out of your deck for yourself and when reading for others. You will get hands on experience with the cards and the class will all read and help each other! This is only a 3 hours course but in that time you will get experience reading for yourself and a fellow student. I will share my years of insight and answer questions you have. You will go home with handouts, outlining the key learnings of the course to help you continue your journey with this amazing deck! 


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