Spiritual Consulting Services - Company Message
Medium~Tarot reading   $75
This service can be performed at my reading room in Lincoln City Oregon or your local Oregon home for an additional trip fee.
A reading with me is not only a Medium-Tarot card reading, but I perform a Channeled Medium reading in ADVANCE of our meeting, which we will review when we sit for the cards. Whomever wishes to present for you, from the other side, will. The pre reading usually consists of approx. 4 pages of channeled notes. You will be able to ask questions of any spirits that have presented and even those who may not have made contact in the pre read. Combining my Medium abilities with the Tarot message gives the client full coverage of what topics are most important at the time.

I will spend approximately 40 minutes before you arrive, channeling your messages and spend another hour and 15 minutes with you in person or online for a total of 2 hours.
During the reading you may ask questions and I will act as a medium for the answers the other side wishes to provide.
Some clients also require or request a personal clearing/smudge for removal of unwanted residual energies or in some situations, attachments in their physical aura. Contact me if you wish to know more about this or any other service I provide that may not be listed here.
I read for clients 7 days a week. Taking my first appointments at 11 and last at 7. If you are in another state as many of my clients are, please take into consideration the time difference. I can begin earlier by request. contact me to make an appointment.
Card reading $55
This reading is best for specific questions about Job changes, Moves and other important and specific life events. If you have received a full channeled reading from me, this type of reading is good from time to time when these type of events present themselves in you life. This reading lasts approximately 45 minutes
Zoom Readings ~ Priced same as above
This reading is online, either type described above, for those that cannot come to my reading room, Out of State, Illness and other obstacles that may keep you from an in person reading are no longer a problem. Zoom is similar to Skype but easier for you to use. I create and invitation that is sent to your email address. You click on it, download the free app and can join me in my reading room, virtually sitting across from me on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Payment is made through Paypal for this type of reading.
$10 Trip fee when 20 miles or more from Jersey Village, Tx and or Toll roads apply
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