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Past Life Regression~ $75

Have you ever wondered why you seem to repeat patterns of negative behavior, are drawn to the same kinds of partners or have seemingly unreasonable fears of flying, water ect.?

It may be a past life carrying over into this life and something that can be addressed and often even released through a Past Life Regression session.

This is not hypnosis but a guided meditation which will take you into the Theta range of consciousness, just below the meditative state and before the hypnotic state. You are awake and aware the entire time and will remember everything that happens during the regression in vivid detail.

I have been blessed to have been trained and mentored in this practice by a trusted associate of the world famous Dr Brian Weiss. Their 40 years of  proven techniques, passed down to me, are incorporated in your regression experience. 

It is a fascinating process. Each regression takes about an hour and can be done as frequently as desired to reach a higher level of awareness, healing and forgiveness in this lifetime.
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