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Going to bed with a new found peace. Kat Burson, Thank you for today. If you are in need of spiritual guidance, this is the person to turn to. I don’t give recommendations unless deserved. Kat, I truly thank you for today. I saw and felt my mother through you and your kindness and openness made me feel like I’d known you my whole life. I can’t wait to talk to you again.
Taylor S

“If anyone ever needs a reading or spiritual guidance, Kat Burson is your lady. She has guided me through my spiritual awakening, she has taught me things about myself through my guides and departed loved ones that I would have never known. She is a very talented, beautiful Goddess Warrior and I recommend everyone I know to her. I had a wonderful reading yesterday and without this beautiful spirit in my life, I don’t know if I would have grown into the woman I am today. 
Megan D

"My name is Elise S. I was having terrible writer's block and was not able to write creatively for about four years. More than anything, I was blocked spiritually. I felt exhausted often, and was generally disappointed with life. I felt disconnected from my Spirit and weighed down by dark forces that were draining the life out of me! It was then that I decided to get some help, and after a lot of online research I contacted psychic medium Kat Burson. Her background and experience is exceptional, and after speaking with her, I knew that she was the real deal! During our web meeting, Kat was extremely compassionate and personable. She was able to contact and clear the energies that were draining and blocking me. She knew so many details about my life and experiences-- things I've never told anyone. Her information and messages were spot on! I was completely blown away by her abilities and wisdom. She helped me get in touch with what I had lost, or never truly knew--  my highest self. I am now creating non-stop, and my heart couldn't be more open to humanity. I am filled with more peace and joy than I've ever known, all thanks to Kat Burson! She is a miracle worker, and I'm eternally grateful!

"Thank you! A truly inspirational and on point reading. I will study and meditate on the many things you touched upon. I look forward to contacting you again!" A.A.

"Your work is so important. When people come in to contact with the paranormal, when people become aware that their world is no longer fixed, Jung wrote that those experiences can most often display as negative and scary at first. You help people to transition and ground themselves, shaking off their fossilized belief systems toward Psychic Development and many other positive modes involved in these Super Natural realms"
Christine P

"I just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the reading you did for us this past Saturday.  My wife told me that she thought it was the most thoughtful present that I could have gotten her, and your insight and compassion (and thoroughness) helped answer a number of thoughts and questions she had been thinking about for a long time.  

End result was that you helped me hit a homerun that made for a most enjoyable birthday.

Thank you so much! "   


"When I first took part one of Kat's Psychic Development class, I had no idea what was in store for me. I had always had a interest in the paranormal, but it wasn't until after the first class that I realized I actually had abilities. One of the first and probably the most important thing I learned was how to ground and protect myself before doing any kind of spiritual work. Kat gave me the fundamentals to open my gift and practice to reach my full potential. I honestly would have never had any idea that I was a sensitive if it weren't for her classes. You really can't get that anywhere else. She's so genuine and always puts her clients and students first. I have recommended several friends and family members and they have never been disappointed."

- Genevieve K.

"I have attended several classes taught by Kat including Psychic Development, Crystalmancy, Tarrot card reading, and Smudging. Her classes are very organized and handouts are provided to each attendee to take with them. Kat is very personable and knowledgeable about each class subject.

I am amazed at her psychic abilities She did a remote reading on one of my properties, and the information she provided was helpful and accurate. I have accompanied Kat on several paranormal investigations. She is respectful to the spirits she is in contact with as well as to the client.

Kat Burson is the most talented and gifted person I have ever encountered."

Maribeth W.

"I highly recommend Kat Burson as a spiritual consultant, teacher, and medium.
I met her about 3 years ago, and since that time have had readings done by her that were so accurate and detailed that it was astounding.
Over the past couple of years, I have taken classes from her on Tarot reading, Smudge stick making, Understanding and using Crystals, and more recently, introduction to physic development and beginning mediumship.
She is an extremely organized teacher and truly gifted at helping students understand how to develop their own talents and gifts.
Kat is very personable and easy to feel comfortable with which is important when working with students that just beginning to learn more about the metaphysical world.
I've referred Kat to many of my friends and each and everyone of them has always been impressed and come away with greater knowledge."

Judy E

"Mediumship classes that I took with Kat helped me start to understand a part of me that I never took to heart. I realized that I do have abilities to feel and see energies that I believe exist in another realm. I see this ability as another form of communication with family and friends who have passed. The ability has a part in everyone’s life whether they know it or not."

Paul H

"About a year ago I know something was different about me but couldn’t put my figure on it. Had a business meeting with a fellow member of her paranormal group and it was the best thing that could of happened because it lead me to Kat Burson. She has helped me unlock my abilities (gift’s) and they keep getting stronger. I’ve taken her Intro Psychic class (AMAZING and I highly recommend it!!!!!) and will be taking her 2 part Mediumship class this month. Very excited about that!! She is amazing and I’m blessed to have her help me through my journey."
Hilary S.

"The classes in which I have participated were highly informative and interactive.  I was impressed with the setting.  It is an intimate group where our questions are answered and explained in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  I look forward to new classes to enhance what I have gained"

Shirley H

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